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IPhone 6S / 6 Case Alligator Blue Jeans

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Brand Hadoro

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Hadoro Collection was born from the idea of combining influences and skills from all over the world to assemble all the techniques leading to the best leather items and reunite them, applying the watch-making traditions, into a single brand. While every item is computer designed, all the steps required to remain hand-made in the production process are kept 100% hand-made. As machine sewing can in no way compete with hand-sewing, most of the Hadoro items are totally handstitched.

Made in Paris, Place du Marche Saint Honore. Where we have office and our atelier.

All ours customers that show one product Hadoro can visit our atelier and see how we made the accessory in one of the latest atelier for exotic skins in Paris.

For Iphone 6S and 6

Cites Certificate



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