Cognac Alligator Cardholder Case for iPhone X

Cognac Alligator Cardholder Case for iPhone X

€460.00 EUR

Classic Meets Functionality
This cardholder case is a modern take on the classic alligator pattern. Constructed using the finest materials, the alligator skin combined with a rubber shell provides a tough cover that protects the back of your iPhone X.
The alligator leather has a nice, ridged texture to it that that feels firm and enables a secure grip. Meanwhile, the vibrant cognac color of the leather is quite unique and gives this case a standout, modern look. The high-quality leather is cut and molded to perfectly fit your iPhone X.
Chic and versatile, this alligator case also presents a cardholder feature. With two card slots, it functions not only as an iPhone X case, but also as a way to secure your credit cards, IDs or other similar cards.
You don’t even have to worry about charging. This alligator cardholder case does not block the charging port, unlike other iPhone cases. It’s a quality case perfect if you are looking to glam up your iPhone X.

Luxury and Style Combined
Alligator skin is popular for a reason. Aside from the fact that it is stylish and timeless, it is also known for its amazing durability. The material may be expensive, but it brings added value to every cent you spend.

Main Features
  • Luxury alligator leather and rubber shell cover
  • Ridged alligator leather detail secures hand grip
  • Vibrant cognac color
  • Two card slots to hold credit cards and ID
  • Dimensions fit perfectly for iPhone X
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